I guess I am one of those nuanced people about abortion, as identified recently in The New York Times. I am a year away from 80, so it isn’t something I have to worry about for myself. In our early years of marriage, it wasn’t really available and it wasn’t anything we considered. After two wonderful daughters, a few snips solved our problem of unwanted pregnancies.

Our daughters are in middle age, along with our niece and nephew. They all have families and are pretty much beyond childbearing.

But then there are our granddaughters, great-niece and great-nephews. What is going on in the Supreme Court could have major ramifications to our youngest. Decisions by old men and women who don’t have a personal stake in this could become a disaster to the youngest members of your family and mine.

And these old people’s decisions are being driven by right-wing politics. The Christian right is less about religion and more about power. The Republican Party, once a loyal conservative voice, is now fraught with conspiracies, white supremacy and authoritarianism. They will cheer if Roe v. Wade is defeated, regardless of the impact on our youngest citizens.

Brian Nickerson
South Portland

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