On the evening of Dec. 28, my wife, Sharon, and I attended a holiday cocktail party where we found ourselves in an inspiring and spirited conversation with three other party-goers on the subject of Sen. Susan Collins, and how she alone, at this very moment, could change history.

In a way it was a coincidence because I am an ardent, independent supporter of the senator and proud to know that someone with experience and knowledge is representing Maine in that hodgepodge called our “seat of democracy.”

Then, the following day, the Press Herald ran the senator’s op-ed explaining her accomplishments to date, a very impressive report that is deserving of many accolades but, I hesitate to mention, lacking in substantive future action. Yet another coincidence was a very provocative Dec. 30 Maine Voices column by Jessa Valente, basically imploring the senator to “come to the table.”

It appears the senator is avoiding the major and most crucial issue facing our country at this time, and that is finding a way of minimizing Sen. Joe Manchin’s stranglehold over our future. This needed action overrides (or should) political palaver and any further delay.

In my estimation, there is only one person with the strength, experience and power to unlock this costly and disheartening deadlock, and that person is emphatically Sen. Susan Collins.

This step would exemplify her mantle of a nonpartisan and enhance her enduring reputation as our proud senator from Maine.

Frank E. Reilly

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