I deeply hope that when a voting rights bill comes before the Senate, our Sen. Susan Collins will at least vote to bring it up for debate. Surely she must agree with some of the proposals. And there is historical precedence for Congress to step in when injustice is being done at the state level, such as when state legislators change the rules so that they can nullify the results of an election that doesn’t go their way.

I might not agree with Rep. Liz Cheney on much of anything, but I do agree with her that it’s time for Republicans to choose. Will they follow the power-at-any-cost path of Trumpism? Or will they maintain loyalty to the principles embodied in the Constitution – or even, in fact, to principles that used to be embodied in their own party?

I’ve always respected and admired Sen. Collins, but I’m very sad to say that I’m uncertain as to which side she is on. It’s wonderful that the senator brings funds to Maine for much-needed projects, but her legacy won’t mean much if our democracy slips away while she stands by and watches.

Janice Lindsay

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