Christy Cain serves beer to one of her customers at her newly opened brewery in Lisbon on Friday. Payal Gangishetti

Olive Pit Brewing Co., a rare woman-owned brewery, opened its doors Friday at 16 Main St. in Lisbon Falls.

The brewery takes over a sprawling 7,850-square-foot building between Main Street and Route 196, a corridor that draws more than 20,000 vehicles a day.

“It is amazing,” said Christy Cain, the brewery’s owner. “It is such a male-dominated industry … There are a lot of females out there in the industry, but with all the other breweries they are at least co-owned by other people, so to be 100% female-owned feels great. We are making headway in the industry.”

Cain said she wants to cover the full spectrum and holds all kinds of craft beers, so anyone that walks into the store will find what they like. She currently has 12 beers on tap.

Keeping up with the local Moxie spirit, Cain said that she is trying to brew a Moxie porter that will be unique.

Cain said she wants her brewery to be a community center, where locals could walk in, hang out and enjoy beers, especially when the weather improves.


“I think we are looking forward to more tourism business, but this time of the year, it is very community-based,” said Cain. “I come from Starbucks myself, and I want to incorporate that sort of community connection model.”

A group of women shares a light moment at the Olive Pit Brewery on Friday night. Payal Gangishetti

The town has a plethora of women-run businesses and is in the process to help these entrepreneurs through various grant opportunities to give them the support they need to grow solid Maine businesses.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Research highlights a significant increase in growth-oriented women entrepreneurs worldwide. At least 30.2% of women entrepreneurs surveyed expected to hire six or more employees in the next five years.

According to the town’s Economic and Development Director Brett Richardson, there are 19 businesses on Main Street. Of which, 11 are women-owned.

“It is a great opportunity for Lisbon,” said Richardson. “Christy has done a great job, and we know she is going to succeed.”

Former Town Manager Diane Barnes, who was part of the brewery’s inauguration, said the place will be a destination for people to come.


“I think we are going to see people from outside the community come here and then the whole town is going to benefit from that,” said Barnes. “I hope more women start businesses and be entrepreneurs. I think it has been a long time coming for women, and I am happy that we have a woman-run brewery in the town.”

In addition, Cain’s brewery complements two other restaurants on Main Street — Franks and Flux. Brewery patrons can order food from those restaurants and bring them to the brewery.

“The brewery is going to bring foot traffic to our retailers and other service providers on Main Street,” said Richardson. “It is a great complement to the existing uses, and it shows the dynamism in Lisbon.”

According to the Maine Brewers Guild, Maine was home to 155 licensed breweries, representing over 100 unique brands as early 2020 compared to only 73 active breweries in 2015.

For Carl Barnes, a resident of Lisbon, the brewery is a great lift to the town.

“It’s one of a kind,” said Barnes. “To have a place of this caliber where you can bring in food and have a beverage, it is unique. I cannot think of many places that could ever do this.”

While Cain does not plan to cook food at the brewery, she said she might have packaged snacks available for the customers to buy. Besides, having a food truck in her parking lot.

The business named after Cain’s pit bull, Olive, the Olive Pit will be dog friendly.

“We welcome well-behaved four-legged friends,” said Cain. “Especially in the spring, we are going to have a beer garden that will be even more conducive to like people can bring their dogs and hang out outside.”

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