Forty-three years ago, two friends accompanied me to Planned Parenthood. The doctor told me it was “the size of a pea.” I bawled my eyes out, thankful and relieved, and the false piety of religious zealots isn’t going to oppress me anymore.

I’d carefully and responsibly examined all other options, including moving to a “farm” in Tennessee, where I could wash dishes, read the Bible and stay for free in exchange for giving them a baby. But I didn’t want a pregnancy. Nine months of pregnancy, labor and delivery for me then was a very bad idea.

To self-righteous religious fanatics who scream “murderer”: I was fortunately not a member of your church. Years later, I met Albert. We fell in love, married and had two beautiful children, along with beds for them to sleep in.

Kyle Rittenhouse, Derek Michael Chauvin and Vladimir Putin are murderers. Worshipping billionaires, ripping babies from the arms of immigrants, slamming doors in the face of the needy and shaming women isn’t following the teachings of Jesus.

Stopping supply chains, attacking our government and election system and promoting vigilantism, racism, hate and misogyny isn’t patriotic. Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito and Amy Coney Barrett lied to us, and the Republican Party put them there in an attempt to overrule democracy. Those who strategize toward civil war, war with Mexico and martial law – followed by authoritarian government – aren’t patriots, they’re traitors.

Women! This isn’t about abortion. It’s about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Stand up!

Jenny Ruth Yasi

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