That was an excellent article (Sept. 23) about workers’ problems with the cost and mechanics of parking in downtown Portland. I agree that the cost of parking is a major problem that needs to be addressed, but there is another alternative for those who live in Greater Portland: the bus.

Although I haven’t ridden the bus for a long time, I looked at the Greater Portland Metro bus schedule and found that, within normal business hours on weekdays and a more limited schedule on Saturday and Sunday, there are many buses available for a very reasonable monthly pass cost of $60. That sounds cheap compared to the outlandish cost of parking lots and garages. Buses are available from many locations within Portland between 5:30 a.m. and 10 p.m.

I grew up riding the bus all over Portland, and I also used the bus, subways and trains when I lived in New York City and the Boston area. Once you learn the routes and schedules, it becomes second nature to plan your morning or evening routine around the time the next bus, subway or train leaves. It can also be a relaxed place to read a book or newspaper. If there are other reasons why the buses always seem to be almost empty, then they need to be addressed.

Having a good transit system is critical to a good city.

Eileen Horton

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