Because the Supreme Court has put a woman’s right to choose in the hands of the states, reproductive rights are the most important issue in legislative races this year.

Mainers have a right to know how candidates will vote in Augusta. At a recent Gray forum, Senate District 25 candidate Teresa Pierce definitively supported Maine’s current law protecting women’s reproductive rights. However, Pierce’s opponent sidestepped questions, leaving voters wondering whether she would protect these rights.

Pierce’s position is clear: Throughout her eight years in the Maine House of Representatives, Pierce has fought against legislation that would erode these protections.

Amy Kuhn, a candidate for House District 111, is also committed to protecting the privacy of health care decisions. She worked hard to increase access to reproductive health care as a public policy advocate at the ACLU of Maine.

That’s why I’m voting for Teresa Pierce and Amy Kuhn.

Bonny Rodden

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