One of my favorite fall activities is walking my dog Eddie on Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth. It’s open to dogs as of Oct. 1. Eddie was so excited on the beach this morning that he behaved like a pup again, and despite the lack of sunshine I felt much younger myself.

From Kettle Cove we drove up the road toward Route 77. As we approached the stop sign, I noticed about a half-dozen political candidate and referendum question signs lying all askew on the ground, some with bent and broken legs. Only one blue and white school board candidate’s sign remained upright, albeit leaning noticeably to the left.

Being in no particular hurry, I got out and straightened the legs and restored all the signs to as upright a condition as I could before Eddie and I continued on our way, knowing that upholding freedom of speech, whether written or spoken, is another rite each fall that must be defended all year long, whether in the public square, the town hall or in the classroom.
Get out and vote for it.

Ed Kelley
Cape Elizabeth

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