Thank you for your excellent report regarding the “Route 1 Boxer” (“One of Us: Perhaps you’ve seen him out running. They call him ‘the Route 1 Boxer,’” Nov. 13).

As 10-year Scarborough residents, my wife and I would occasionally come upon Mr. Bouchard as he jogged along one of his routes. If we were lucky, he honored us with a flurry of jabs, air hooks, maybe a knockout combination of lefts, rights and uppercuts. Always followed by a half turn and a backward shuffle. Always impressively dressed in a clean new warm-up suit.

He never failed to get us smiling and wondering who he might be and how he got to be a “Rocky Balboa” personality.

Thanks to staff photographer Derek Davis for shedding light on Bouchard’s story and thanks to Mr. Bouchard for putting on his show, spiking our interest and imaginations, and especially for his sportsmanship.

Ken MacLean

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