My name is Ian Doherty and I am a student at Falmouth High School. I am writing as a concerned citizen in support of the Pine Tree Amendment. This amendment to the state constitution is crucial because it ensures that all Mainers have the right to a clean and healthy environment and that legislatures, governors, permits, laws and more will be made with the respect to honoring our rights to a clean environment. Most importantly, the constitution is permanent, meaning the amendment would serve as a clear anchor for environmental rights in Maine.

Throughout my life, I have always been passionate and involved in the environment around me. As an avid birder, climate change and the environment is especially important to me. For instance, nearly every fall I travel to the tiny island of Monehegan in the Gulf of Maine to experience the full spectrum of bird migration in our wonderful state. However, on each trip the same sentiment is repeated: “It’s just not like the good old days.” Of course, climate change is the reason.

Every year, as warmer temperatures persist, the migration of our feathered friends changes, every consecutive year they arrive later and later. This doesn’t just disappoint fellow birders, but it creates huge problems for the birds themselves as their navigation is thrown off by storms and they become exhausted. Therefore, Maine needs the Pine Tree Amendment. It would be a bold step to ensuring that the environment and birds of our great state continue to prosper.

Ian Doherty

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