People of all gender identities and expressions are holy, whole and loved just as they are.

There are hundreds of anti-trans bills making their way across government desks across the country right now, attacking gender-affirming medical care for people of all ages, as well as name changes, pronoun use, drag performance and more.

Behind all this hatred? Is it fear? I can assure you that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

I am a genderqueer Mainer. The church that I serve does not only accept but unapologetically welcomes and celebrates straight, gay, trans, bi, genderqueer, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people. We are not scary. And we are not scared. We are here, living and thriving despite bills like L.D. 930 and L.D. 687, targeting our families and our rights.

Trans people have always been here. In Maine. In Portland. In the church. And we will always be here. Let us create a state in which all people of all genders can thrive.

Rev. Tara Humphries
Minister, Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church

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