A heart hangs in a yard along Route 88 in Falmouth Monday in memory of neighbor Kevin Fahrman, Portland’s Valentine’s Day Phantom. Fahrman, who died April 21 at age 67, anonymously led the group who secretly adorned businesses and landmarks all over Portland with Valentine hearts annually since 1979. His wife, Patti Urban, revealed over the weekend that Fahrman was the phantom, and neighbors hung hearts up and down the road in tribute to him. “Kevin’s simple yet powerful gesture brought joy and love to the community, reminding us all to cherish our loved ones and treasure the place we call home,” his obituary reads, adding that “yes, the tradition will continue.” Fahrman was also a photographer, graphic artist and teacher. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, a son and a brother. Sydney Richelieu / The Forecaster

Fahrman Contributed / Patti Urban

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