TV personalities Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby pose in an antique car. This August, “American Pickers” is returning to Maine, and the show is looking for collectors from across the state. Courtesy of Cineflix

Have a few too many family heirlooms or hoarders for relatives? Here’s a chance to turn that into 15 minutes of fame.

History Channel show “American Pickers” is returning to Maine in August for the first time since 2020 and is on the lookout for collectors to feature. Since 2010, the TV show has spotlighted antique collectors on its coast-to-coast search for overlooked treasures and eccentric objects.

The show follows brothers Mike and Robbie Wolfe and their fellow collector Danielle Colby as they seek out private collections in people’s houses, barns and yards. They have bartered for everything from old motorcycles to tommy guns to a 65-million-year-old dinosaur bone. A past visit to Maine found the group gambling for a taxidermied elephant’s head. 

As of right now, the TV crew has no planned route through the state; their course will be determined entirely by the collectors that reach out. 

Aside from being compensated for items that Mike and Robbie purchase, I think the biggest incentive for many collectors is getting to share their story and love of antiques with a community that supports them,” Meredith Ball, a producer for the show, said in an email. “Or for some families, it is a way to honor a loved one who dedicated their life to collecting by sharing their captivating stories.”

Collectors interested in being on the show can contact the pickers at, at 646-493-2184 or on Facebook.

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