Last winter, the residents of Whippoorwill Hill Mobile Home Park in Wiscasset struggled with continuous shutdowns of its water supply and the park’s failure to maintain its roads and ditches. This problem continues today.

The park’s management, Maine Real Estate Management of Bangor, has ordered water to be trucked in from outside, but these water supplies become contaminated because there are leaks in the water supply pipes that park management has failed to repair. Consequently, a number of the park’s residents, including two young children, recently developed ear infections while attempting to bathe or shower in the contaminated water.

Meanwhile, during the past two years, Maine Real Estate Management and its anonymous owner have raised the park’s lot rents by nearly 66%, all while failing to fix the problems that are causing physical harm to all of our residents at the park.

According to Code of Maine Rule 02 385, Chapter 840, “No water may be distributed from a new Private Water System or expansion, upgrade or re-engineering of an existing Private Water System prior to final approval being granted by the Maine Manufactured Housing Board.”

The failure by Whippoorwill Hill Mobile Home Park’s management and owner to gain final approval of its current contaminated water system by the Maine Manufactured Housing Board suggests that they may be acting unlawfully – all while creating excessive financial hardship and callously placing the park’s residents in harm’s way.

No one should have to be subjected to such injurious treatment.

Thomas Kurtz

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