As an electric car owner in Maine, I was excited to read that the Natural Resources Council of Maine has put forward a petition to encourage the state Department of Environmental Protection to adopt stronger clean-car standards so that more Mainers can experience the benefits of zero-emission vehicles. I very much support this goal, especially since I already spend time encouraging my friends and family to try one out.

My husband and I went electric a couple of years ago (made possible by a great rebate program) and have not looked back.

We can charge at home with ease and access all the destinations we need, despite long commutes to work; we don’t need oil changes or regular engine maintenance; and we’re saving money by skipping the gas station. Most importantly, we don’t emit harmful tailpipe pollution that contributes to climate change and harms human health.

If Maine doesn’t adopt these rules, we risk automakers focusing on other states that have already adopted them. It’s all about giving people the freedom to choose a zero-emission car or truck if they want to. The more people learn about and experience electric cars, the more excited they become about them. I already convinced my parents and my sister to go electric, and I hope this clean-cars standard will allow the rest of Maine to do so more easily as well.

Josie Davis

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