Phillip Potenziano is superintendent of Brunswick schools.

In a significant leap forward for the local education landscape, the Brunswick School Department is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive five-year strategic plan “Brunswick Believes.” The newly unveiled strategic plan is more than just a document; it’s a roadmap to transform the educational journey for students within Brunswick. Developed over months of collaborative efforts, the plan envisions a future where each student has access to a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that nurtures their individual talents and prepares them for success in an ever-evolving world.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the plan outlines a bold vision to elevate the quality of education, empower educators and provide students with a well-rounded and forward-focused learning experience.

Our vision for transformation – Brunswick schools are welcoming, inclusive and safe learning communities where all students are held to high expectations as they develop skills necessary to thrive in a diverse and ever-changing world.

The five-year strategic plan rests on three core values, safety, belonging and equity, each designed to address specific areas of growth and advancement. Safety: Brunswick schools are physically and emotionally safe learning and working environments where all students and staff seek to understand, support and include one another. Belonging: students and staff of all identities from all backgrounds and experiences are welcomed, accepted and valued. Equity: all students are able to access comprehensive, rigorous and relevant academic and non-academic programs that support their individual learning, growth and achievement.

The Brunswick Strategic Planning Committee identified three key priorities based on analysis of academic and behavioral outcomes, stakeholder survey results and reflection. These priorities are the areas that we will focus on in our strategic plan.

Priority one is teaching and learning. Brunswick schools are committed to the success of all students. Our educators are talented and committed professionals who help students grow, learn and develop. Despite this, not all students have historically achieved at the same rates or at the same level. Brunswick schools will focus on the use of data and evidence related to teaching and learning to develop effective strategies to improve student learning and eliminate known gaps in educational opportunities and outcomes.

Priority two is staff recruitment, retention and development. The Brunswick School Department is fortunate to have some of the most talented and committed educators and support staff serving our students. These passionate individuals are our most valuable asset. As our community continues to become diverse, as the needs of our students continue to intensify and as our educators are faced with more challenges, it is important that the district continue to attract, recruit, hire, train and retain high-quality staff. The school department will continue to strive to hire well-qualified employees who reflect our community and address the needs of our students, who find satisfaction in their work and who are provided the skills and knowledge to be successful.

Priority three is student and family engagement. Our students and our families are our greatest strengths. The strong tradition of academic excellence and community support has sustained the Brunswick School Department for decades. As our student population evolves, it is clear that not all groups of students can easily access school programs and opportunities. Similarly, although there have never been more ways for the district to communicate and engage with families, there have also never been more demands on our families’ time and energy, often preventing schools from engaging with them. As a result, the district will focus on increasing student access and family engagement through communication that all individuals can access, centralized and transparent systems of information and supports, and authentic dialogue among all stakeholders.

I’m excited to work hand in hand with educators, students, parents, guardians and the community to bring these transformative ideas to life. As the district embarks on this exciting endeavor, it does so with a sense of purpose and determination, guided by the vision of creating a brighter future for every student it serves. For more information on the plan, please visit

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