Rep. Cheryl Golek, D-Harpswell, was presented the Maine People’s Alliance Rising Tide Award for her work to address Maine’s housing crisis at the organization’s annual banquet on Sept. 28.

Courtesy photo

“We all know that the key to success for Maine families is safe, affordable housing,” said Golek, who serves on the Legislature’s Joint Select Committee on Housing. “Without it, people cannot work, children cannot learn, individuals cannot be safe and healthy, and our state cannot thrive. Access to housing is a human right, and I look forward to continuing this important work when the Legislature reconvenes in January.”

Maine’s housing shortage is one of the most pressing challenges facing the state. According to a recent study led by the Maine State Housing Authority, the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and Future, and the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, the state needs more than 80,000 new homes to meet demand by 2030. Last session, Golek worked collaboratively with other members of the Housing Committee to pass measures that face this challenge head-on, including a $100 million investment in the production of affordable housing and emergency housing initiatives such as the new Housing First Program.

“After serving on a legislative commission to address our housing crisis, Rep. Golek walked in her first year as a legislator with reforms to the housing voucher system that will tackle so many of the problems that voucher holders face,” said Cate Blackford, Maine People’s Alliance’s public policy director.

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