Why is the United States not using all of its privilege and power to promote efforts to stop the violence and loss of life in Gaza and Ukraine? To what end do we turn a blind eye to the death of thousands of innocent people – many children – killed in their homes or schools or hospital beds or running terrified in search of nonexistent “safe” haven, and, if not killed by explosions and fire fight, soon to die from exposure, hunger, thirst or from broken hearts and spirits? When have the ways of war and power-over ever solved the challenge of relationships that make possible our attempts to live together in mutual understanding and respect? Where is our humanity?

We Americans have needed to reflect on these questions too many times in our short history as a country, beginning with our dehumanization and enslavement of people taken from their homes and families, and our maniacal efforts to be rid of the Indigenous people whose land we wanted for our own purposes and wealth. More instances of abuse of power and war have followed.

When will we understand that the gift of life has been given to each of us with equal promise, and that we must work together to build the compassionate community where that life promise can be fulfilled – for us all?

Cathey Cyrus

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