How odd that Nancy Chesley, in her Jan. 22 letter to the editor (“Bellows engaging in election interference“), asks us to be concerned about the number of Maine voters that could be disenfranchised by Shenna Bellows’ ruling.

Was she equally concerned about the 81,282,916 people nationwide that Trump attempted to disenfranchise by refusing to concede after his 2020 loss to Biden?

Bellows’ decision was made by following the law. She was required to do so in her role as secretary of state. She notes that this is just the start of the legal process, with the final decision coming from a higher court. Trump, on the other hand, attempted to steal a free and fair election, based solely on a lie of his own making. He violated his previously sworn oath to the Constitution by refusing to participate in a peaceful transfer of power. That is what subverting democracy looks like.

Bellows and I agree that democracy is indeed sacred. I just hope that that is true of the vast majority of voters in November.

Susan Bennett

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