Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that he is simply trying to destroy Hamas. In reality, his policies are killing huge numbers of Palestinians, destroying their lands and buildings, their schools and hospitals, their way of life, and their economy. These actions follow a long blockade of nearly everything that Palestinians in Gaza need, often including basic foods, water and medicines.

Netanyahu’s most serious mistake may be not considering the fact that people living in such deprived conditions, growing up in a world of hatred and danger, are more likely to react adversely and may even join Hamas because of those facts. Why, in all those years of blockading Palestinians in Gaza, didn’t he try to reach a peaceful compromise? Why does he state that he will not accept a two-state solution? Why does he continue to ignore United Nations’ mandates and international law regarding Israel’s treatment of another country and its people?

Given the fact that he represents a nation whose people and their families and friends experienced extreme genocide, how can he be the one who, with his supporters, is now responsible for another extreme genocide. Shame on Netanyahu and his supporters.

Betsey Harding

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