For the upcoming presidential election, I wish more Americans, especially Trump supporters, would become more curious and willing to educate themselves about who this man really is, namely, by separating fact from fiction. Hopefully, the majority of responsible voters will consequently decide to permanently eliminate him from the political arena. Our unfolding American tragedy must end! Why?

Its main protagonist, Trump, is a megalomaniacal narcissist with autocratic tendencies, who lacks decency, humility and empathy. He ruthlessly uses any possible venue, and people, for personal gain, political and financial, the latter at times illegally. For example, he rails against undocumented immigrants, but he has employed and, often, exploited them at his businesses. Also, labels on many products he and his family are selling state “made in China.” While “America first” is important, and often vital, for American workers, for the Trump clan, it obviously is “Our profit first.” Excusing this blatant hypocrisy is short-sighted.

Blindly believing Trump’s manipulative, inflammatory and often factually false rhetoric is not only irresponsible but devastating for the future of American democracy and the world order. Saving America’s standing requires a “no” vote for this morally bankrupt, unqualified man.

And, to the many who know these truths, and have acknowledged the destructive ambitions and total lack of integrity of their GOP candidate, but still enable his run for the highest office, I pose these questions: “Country first” – really? How many of their principles are they willing to sacrifice? What happened to their self-respect?

Sigrid Fischer-Mishler

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