Well, what a hoorah there was at the public meeting on the proposed Gorham Connector turnpike bypass. The one leading the pack: Warren Knight, owner of Smiling Hill Farm.

Let’s sit back and think about it for a minute. All everyone keeps saying is “poor Smiling Hill Farm.” There didn’t seem to be any complaints or objections to more traffic from the ice cream shop or the lumberyard. Certainly not with all that profit filling their pockets; they would be foolish to say anything.

Think of all the traffic with deliveries to and from the lumber business. We have had an increase in traffic year after year in this part of town. I, for one, am sick of it, day in and day out. I have lived in North Scarborough for 62 years, and I can’t get out of my driveway at peak commuter times. I haven’t been able to sit with the windows open in my house for years because of the traffic noise.

If you think the town of Scarborough is going to let the turnpike harm the environment, you are greatly mistaken. Scarborough has been one of the most proactive on open space, protection of our natural resources and waterways. If you think they would consider letting something get by them, you are gravely mistaken. Scarborough takes pride in its commitment to the community and its well-being.

Let’s hope this bypass comes to fruition so we can get some relief in the North Scarborough area.

Cleon M. Nelson Jr.

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