Will moderate Republicans and Independents appreciate the gravity of the moment and cast their anti-Trump votes in the general election versus staying home? With congressional Republicans eerily complacent in allowing Putin to railroad through Ukraine, a skeptical world needs to witness a landslide election, reassuring that the vast majority of Americans would not choose someone under the thumb of at least one foreign dictator, one who threatens us with nuclear weapons.

We can thank Putin and social media for getting us to a place where supporting a democratic government, bodily autonomy, equality and voting rights are no longer obvious choices for some. Would these same people also prefer the top 1% enjoy trillions in tax cuts, while their own Social Security and Medicare (earned benefits, not “entitlements”) are reduced or eliminated?

In November, let’s prove once and for all, that faulty polls and echo chambers for the pro-Putin radical right most definitely do not represent our silent majority of Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans. Anti-Trump votes will pull us back from the brink, including those who would blindly vote against their own and future generations’ best interests.

That is what this election is about. No less.

Jeniferlee Tucker

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