In Cambridge, England, with my husband for the winter, I’ve been humbled by how envious our British friends and family are of the booming U.S. economy.

After 13 years of Tory austerity and trickle-down tax cuts for the wealthy, ordinary Brits are fed up with their sluggish economy, a starved National Health Service, persistent inflation and having to choose between buying food, or fuel to heat their homes.

They marvel at how quickly the U.S. recovered from the COVID crisis while also creating an expanding economy. While lowering inflation, we’ve simultaneously created 15 million jobs, many of them in manufacturing, a 50-year record of under 4% unemployment, and rising wages.

When President Biden took office three years ago, the economy was on the brink and inflation was rising. What happened? In spite of a hostile Congress, Biden had the wisdom, courage and imagination to invest in our economy, building from the bottom up and middle out and we’re now seeing the results. It’s notable that much of Biden’s investment has gone to states whose Republican representatives in Congress voted against the appropriations, but are now touting the money “they’re” bringing home.

Watching our economy grow twice as fast as Europe’s, our family and friends here in the U.K. wish their government would invest in them, as Biden has in us, so they could enjoy the same good fortune.

Susan Goodwillie Stedman
Westport Island

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