Sen. Collins’ epiphany is too late.

In Trump’s first impeachment she stated he had learned a lesson. He learned he would not be held accountable for his actions. Her vote for impeachment the next time was late — the cows left the barn Jan. 6.

She enabled him by believing Kavanaugh’s answer about reproductive rights that “it’s settled law.” By voting for his appointment, she’s an accomplice in turning the court into an unabashedly political entity, freely legislating from the bench.

Has she served Maine well by funneling federal funds to Maine? Yes. As a voice of reason during Trump’s term (see her voting record) or calling out her party and holding them accountable for their behavior and inaction (especially the do-nothing House), her voice is like a tree falling in the woods; no one’s there to hear it.

As for her announcement she’s not voting for Trump — there are no points for a basket after the buzzer. Sen. Collins should aggressively campaign for Biden, support national legislation for women’s right to choose, and work hard so the Orange Grifter does not get a second chance.

Our democracy is at stake. Sen. Collins needs to do more.

J. Edgar Moser III

Correction (April 3, 2024): A previous version of this letter suggested that Sen. Collins voted in favor of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2020. Sen. Collins was the only Republican to oppose Coney Barrett’s confirmation.

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