A coffee shop in Westbrook was broken into and robbed overnight Saturday, the store’s owner said.

Early on Sunday morning, Sue Salisbury, owner of the Daily Grind, arrived at her shop and realized it had been broken into.

“I came in this morning to open up around 5:30, and I noticed there was stuff everywhere inside,” she said. She noticed that the air-conditioning unit had been pushed in, apparently because someone had broken in.

Salisbury said just under $500 of cash was stolen, but the shop’s espresso and coffee machines were apparently untouched.

Salisbury posted photos of the mess left from the break-in on Facebook: some toppled shelves, sugar packets strewn across the floor, and the AC unit on the ground.

In 2018, Salisbury’s daughter was robbed at gunpoint while working at the shop. She said this incident brought back memories of that scary time, but she feels grateful that nobody was in the shop this time.

“We do so much for the community, and I wish people knew, if it was somebody who just needed some food or some help, we would have just helped them,” she said.

The shop was able to open at 8 a.m. Sunday, only an hour later than usual, and police were on the scene to investigate. Salisbury said police were very responsive and helpful and that nearby business owners had also offered support. Customers even came to the shop offering cash and support, she said.

Westbrook police did not respond to requests for comment Sunday.

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