The Office of the Maine Attorney General has ruled that a York County deputy was justified in shooting an armed man police were trying to arrest in November 2023.

York County Sheriff’s Deputy Alex Markellos shot Nicholas Goodwin, who had pulled out a handgun and revealed a magazine pouch in his waistband, the attorney general’s office said in its report on the shooting. Goodwin survived the shooting and was charged with domestic violence terrorizing,

Goodwin, 38, had threatened his former girlfriend, which is what had prompted the arrest. Goodwin previously had been charged with domestic violence terrorizing. When his girlfriend asserted she would call the cops, Goodwin expressed intent to kill police, as well.

“They can (expletive) try, and won’t cause they will be dead, too. I’m not playing any games,” Goodwin wrote in a text message.

The Southern Maine Special Response Team (SMSRT), York County’s regional tactical team and other local law enforcement agencies were called in to apprehend Goodwin, who was “known to carry a pistol, and owned at least one body armor plate carrier similar to those used by tactical teams,” the report said.

Markellos repeatedly yelled at Goodwin, “Police, get on the ground,” but believed he saw a handgun and that Goodwin “was about to start shooting,” the report states. Markellos shot Goodwin “multiple” times.


Law enforcement recovered a pistol and magazine containing 17 rounds, and found that Goodwin was also carrying a Gerber knife, two switchblades and two magazines with cartridges.

The attorney general ultimately ruled that Markellos had “reasonable grounds” to believe Goodwin was an imminent threat with intent to kill law enforcement and intent to “inflict serious bodily injury or death to his former girlfriend if not apprehended without delay.”

“All the facts and circumstances point to the conclusion that Deputy Markellos reasonably believed he was acting in the defense of himself and others at the time he used deadly force,” the report states. “The officers had clearly identified themselves and directed him not to move. Mr. Goodwin refused to comply. Instead, he pulled out a firearm and appeared ready to shoot.”

The attorney general’s office has found that every fatal shooting by police in at least the past 30 years has been justified.

Goodwin is now awaiting trial on charges of domestic violence terrorizing with priors, two counts of violating conditions of release, violation of a protective order, criminal simulation and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.

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