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    Christopher Thompson, 37
    Parallax Partners, Inc.

    What now is an unsightly amalgam of warehouses slowly deteriorating on an arm of land jutting into the mouth of the Fore River will, in the not-to-distant future, be transformed into a $105 million mixed-use real estate development, due in large part to the efforts of Chris Thompson.

    The Forty Under 40 Award winner is one of three partners leading the project known as The Forefront at Thompson’s Point, considered the gateway to Portland.

    Chris, 37, is president of Parallax Partners, which also is developing a downtown riverfront hotel in Lewiston and a large, mixed-use project in Portsmouth, N.H. Chris is enthusiastic about the project and Portland, which he describes as the most dynamic and interesting city that he’s ever lived in. “As many languages are spoken at Reiche School as there are in any given neighborhood in London.

    I’m not sure I have a vision for Portland as much as I have a hope that I can have sufficient vision to grasp the ways in which Portland is transforming into a global city before our eyes, and to do work that is adequate to this transformation.”

    Chris is keen on developing projects that “will truly enhance people’s lives and livelihoods for years to come,” says Stephen Griswold, who nominated Chris for the award. “His willingness to practice and establish new and important environmentally friendly and sustainable efforts, such as LEED technology, provides a clear path for the future of Maine and New Hampshire real estate development.”

    On Chris’s horizon is building the tallest building in Maine – “Maine should have an iconic, highperforming tall building that rivals those in other New England cities.” But what he would really love to accomplish would be to build an aquarium in Portland.

    What inspires him? “The future judgment of my children motivates me. I want them to be able to be proud of who I was and what I did.”

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