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Scarborough High School
20 Gorham Road, Scarborough |

Graduation day: June 9, 2013
at Cumberland County Civic Center

Graduation information provided by the high school

    Top 10% Seniors

    Jake Alofs is the son of Marilyn and Dean Alofs. Jake was a member of the Key Club and the Interact Club. During all four years of high school, Jake participated in Cross County, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track serving as captain of the Outdoor Track Team his senior year. Honors and awards that Jake has received in high school include the Brandeis University Junior Book Award for academic achievement and commitment to the community, SMAA All-Academic Team for Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track and a member of five state championship teams. Jake will be attending College of the Holy Cross in the fall.

    Paul Babirak is the son of Dr. Stephan and Brenda Babirak. As a senior, Paul was President of the National Honor Society, Treasurer of Student Council, and Captain of the Swim Team. During High School, Paul also was a Natural Helper, Junior Volunteer at Maine Medical Center, and he played Football. Honors include Boys State, Senate Page for Senator Susan Collins in D.C., and Varsity Letter in Swimming. Awards include the All American Team in Boy’s Swimming and the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony award from Rochester University. Paul will be attending his brother’s and sister’s alma mater Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

    Brenna Clavette is the daughter of Dan and Kim Clavette. Brenna is the secretary of Alzheimer's Awareness Club and a member of Pink Ribbon Club. During all four years of high school she danced with Broadway Dance Academy and was an active participant in St. Max Youth ministry. Honors and awards include Honor Roll all throughout high school and the Wellesley College Book Award. Brenna will be attending Union College in the fall to study biochemistry.

    Adrienne Damicis is the daughter of Joanne and Jim Damicis. Adrienne was the president of the Key Club, a Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership ambassador, and a member of the National Honor Society. Throughout high school she completed over 750 hours of community service, co-founded SHS’s Week of Kindness, volunteered at Wentworth’s Homework Club, and volunteered as a junior counselor for Camp No Limits. Honors and awards that Adrienne has received in high school include the Principal’s award, the President’s award for commitment to community service, the Clarkson University book award, and the Hardy Girls Healthy Women Against the Odds award. Adrienne will be attending Case Western Reserve University in the fall.

    Sofia Diaco is the daughter of Peter and Diane Diaco. She was the VP of ECOS and of the SHS Band and also a member of National Honor Society and Key Club. During all four years of high school she danced at Scarborough Dance Center, and up until her senior year she swam for the school’s swim team. Sofia has received “Excellence in Science and Mathematics” awarded by the Society of Women Engineers and “Excellence in French” by SHS’s foreign language department. She will be attending the University of New Hampshire in the fall to study engineering as a part of the Honors program.

    LaRae Discatio is the daughter of David and Marie Discatio. Within her four years of high school she participated in the girl’s basketball program, the outdoor track and field program, and the ECOS club. LaRae will be attending University of Maine, Orono in the fall.

    Austin Downing, Salutatorian, is the son of Michael Downing and Lisa McCann. He was a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, and Math Team, and he was the Secretary of Model UN. He participated in baseball and indoor track during his freshman year and played soccer all four years, serving as one of the captains his senior year. Honors and awards that Austin has received in high school include the Cornell Book Award, Outstanding Achievement in Spanish V and AP Spanish, AP Scholar with Honor, and All-State. Austin will be attending Bowdoin College in the fall.

    Sydney DuEst is the daughter of Lori Fletcher and James DuEst. Sydney was a member of the school newspaper and ECOS club. Sydney has received an award in AP Spanish. Sydney will attend the University of Maine Orono in the fall.

    Ben Farino is the son of Kelledy and Ben Farino. Ben served as the senior class secretary and was a member of Model UN and the math team. He won three state championships with the indoor track team and participated in youth ministry at St. Max. Ben was named a National Merit Finalist. Next year he will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    Grace Farnkoff is the daughter of Leanne and Tom Farnkoff. Grace was the Vice President of Scarborough’s Pink Ribbon Club and a member of the National Honor Society, and she served as a chairman of the Maine Principals Association Student Advisory Committee. During high school she participated in soccer, basketball, and softball, serving as captain of the softball team her senior year. Grace received the Williams College Book Award and the 2013 Basketball Team Award, and she was named to the All-Academic team in soccer and basketball. Grace will be attending Colby College in the fall and playing on their softball team.

    Kelsey Howard is the daughter of Fred and Michele Howard. Kelsey was a member of the National Honor Society and Student Council. During all four years of high school she participated in the lacrosse and field hockey programs, serving as a co-captain of the field hockey team her senior year and a co- captain of the lacrosse team her junior and senior years. Honors and/ or awards that Kelsey has received include the Williams Book award, and the Faith Littlefield SMAA MVP Award. She was also named to the All- State and Academic All- State field hockey team, as well as honored as an All- American and Academic All- American for lacrosse. Kelsey will be attending Bentley University in the fall.

    Karli-An Gilbert is the daughter of Michael and Dawn Gilbert. Karli-An is a member of National Honor Society, Interact Club, and Scarborough's Bible Study Club. Over the past four years of high school she has participated in the field hockey and indoor and outdoor track teams, serving as a co-captain for both field hockey and indoor track her senior year. Awards Karli-An has received in high school include being a member of the All State field hockey team, being a member of the National Field Hockey Coaches' Association All-Northern New England Region team, achieving SMAA All Academic in both indoor track and field hockey, and being the runner-up for the Faith Littlefield Award. Karli-An will be attending Gordon College in the fall.

    Erin Giles is the daughter of Scott and Therese Giles. She was the Senior and Junior Editor for the Scarborough High School Yearbook, a member of Key Club, Youth Ministry, and also coached athletic teams for Scarborough Community Services. She played soccer and basketball her freshmen year and played varsity softball all four years, serving as a Captain of the softball team her senior year. She is a high honor student, received the Colby College book award, and was named First Team All-Conference as a pitcher. Erin will be attending Middlebury College in the fall to study biology.

    Danielle Gray is the daughter of Sue and Keith Taylor. She volunteered at homework club for a year where she provided after school help to Wentworth Intermediate students.. Danielle participated in ECOs for two years and was recognized for the highest number of hours her junior year. Danielle maintained the honor roll all four years of high school and was awarded the Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation and Creativity award as well. Danielle will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall.

    Analisa Griggs is the daughter of Michael and Beverly Griggs. Analisa played soccer her freshman year and was a member of the National Honor Society. She took part in the musical theater program her first 3 years, and concert chorus her senior year. Analisa will be attending Southern Maine Community College in the fall.

    Margaret Kirsch is the daughter of Maureen and Stephen Kirsch. While in high school, she was active in the Civil Rights and the Outing Clubs. She has been the lacrosse goalie on the three-time Class A State Championship Varsity Girls team for the past four years, finishing her senior year as a captain. Along with lacrosse, Meg has played field hockey, ice hockey, ultimate frisbee, and ran indoor track and cross country. She spent the fall of junior year in Wisconsin attending Conserve School and cultivating her love of the environment and adventure. Margaret will be attending Smith College in the fall and pursuing Environmental Studies.

    Cynthia P. Kurtz daughter of Amelia I. Kurtz and Martin J. Jordan, is an active student and volunteer. She is captain of the Scarborough Academic Decathlon team, president of the Art Club, a member of the National Society of High School Scholars and a National Merit Finalist. Cynthia volunteers with several animal welfare organizations, including the Animal Refuge League, Mainely Rat Rescue, and Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills. She is also an active horseback rider, riding at Windy Meadows Farm in Buxton. Some of her honors include multiple awards from Academic Decathlon competitions, including the third highest score in the 2013 state competition, and a Phi Beta Kappa award. She will be attending Tulane University in the fall to study Biology and Classical Literature in the Honors Program as a Presidential Scholar, in hopes of becoming a veterinarian.

    Taylor LeBorgne is the daughter of Ron and Susan LeBorgne. Taylor was VP of Driving Force and a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Pink Ribbon Club, Model UN, and Alzheimer’s Club. During all four years of high school she participated in the basketball and soccer programs, serving as a captain of the basketball team her junior and senior year. Honors and awards that Taylor has received in high school include University of Rochester’s George Eastman Young Leadership Book Award, McDonald’s Basketball All-State Academic Team, soccer and basketball All-Academic Teams, SMAA Senior Basketball All-Star, and Soccer All-Conference. Taylor LeBorgne will be attending the University of New England in the fall to become a physician’s assistant.

    Meghan Lynch is the daughter of Heather and Michael Lynch. Meghan served as the president of the community service group Interact Club and was a member of National Honors Society. She participated in track and volleyball throughout all four years of high school, serving as co-captain of both teams her senior year. Honors that Meghan has received in high school include Rotary Student of the Quarter, All-State volleyball player, All-Academic athlete, and the Coach's Award for all three sports in which she participated. Meghan will be attending Bates College in the fall.

    Sorenda Muth is the daughter of Chuon Muth and Sophy Im and has had many accomplishments throughout her high school career. Sorenda has been a part of ECOS for three years and was the treasurer for her junior and senior years, she attended key club meetings and helped the Wentworth students after school as a part of homework club. She has been a part of the Scarborough High School Band for all four years of high school and has received multiple honors at the annual band awards nights. She received the Wells College Book award and maintained honor roll all four years of high school. Sorenda Muth will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall.

    Marisa Jane O'Toole is the daughter of Richard O'Toole and Cynthia Ambrogne-O'Toole. She was a member of the National Honor Society, Alzheimer's Awareness Club, and Mock Trial. Marisa also volunteered in SHS's Functional Life Skills room and as a Community Services coach. Throughout high school she participated in school athletics, playing varsity softball team for four years, varsity basketball team for three years and on the varsity cross-country team for two years. Marisa has received honors for her academics and athletics, including the Smith College Book Award and French 4 Excellence Award, and has been a member of the SMAA All-Academic Team for Basketball as well as the All-Conference and All-Star teams for softball. She is also a recipient of the Scarborough Athletic Council Scholarship. Marisa will be attending Bowdoin College in the fall to pursue a major in Government and Politics/Law, as well as to play for the softball team.

    James Kyle Parrott is the son of Gwen & Ken Simons. During all four years of high school he participated in Key Club, holding a position on the board of directors for one. He also enjoyed being a part of both Mock Trial Team and Model United Nations, and playing for Scarborough’s varsity golf team for three years. Serving as captain his senior year, Kyle was a medalist in the 2012 Individual State Tournament. He plans to pursue his interest in economics in the Honors College at University of Maryland in the fall.

    Alison Pelczar, Valedictorian, is the daughter of Paula and Tim Pelczar. Ali was a member of Interact Club, the National Honor Society and a National Merit Finalist. She played field hockey and was a member of the indoor and outdoor track teams, serving as co-captain of the outdoor track team her senior year. Ali was a four-time gold medalist on the National Latin Exam, won the Rotary Ethics Speech Contest her junior year, and received a gold key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards her senior year. Ali will be attending Northwestern University in the fall.

    Erick Pickett is the son of Paul and Angela Pickett. Erick studies both the classical and electric guitar, and he is also a member of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). He will be attending the University of New England in the fall to study medical biology.

    Damian Ramsdell is the son of Sherry and Ivan Ramsdell. Damian was a Captain of the Mock Trial Team and a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club and Model UN. During all four years of high school he participated in hockey, soccer, and baseball. Awards that Damian received included the University of Rochester's Xerox Award for Excellence in Innovation and Information Technology and the Coach's Award for hockey. He was also the recipient of the 2012 & 2013 Robert Philbrick Most Dedicated Baseball Player Award from the Libby-Mitchell Post. Damian was named to the All-Academic Team for both hockey and soccer. Throughout high school Damian participated in volunteer work at the Maine Medical Center, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Preble St. Resource Center. Damian will be attending Bowdoin College in the fall.

    Aaron Ravin is the son of Daniel and Nancy Ravin. He is a National Merit Finalist, an AP Scholar with Honor, and a member of the National Honor Society. He has been an active member of both the Natural Helpers and the Math Team at the high school since his sophomore year. He was also a founding member of the Maine Principals’ Association Student Advisory Council, acting as a student voice in the governing body of Maine athletics and activities. During his four years of high school he has participated in Model U.N., Key Club, baseball, and soccer. He is an avid sports fan who enjoys time with his family and long walks on the beach. He will be attending Georgetown University.

    Kyle Redegeld is the son of Marilyn and Douglass Redegeld. Kyle was a member of Math Team and Key Club for four years and the Science Bowl team for the past two years. He also competed in Academic Decathlon for two years. He is a member of the National Honor Society. Kyle is the recipient of the Rensselaer Medal Award for excellence in mathematics and science. Kyle will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the fall to study mechanical/electrical engineering.

    Patrick Rogers is the son of Christopher and Katherine Rogers. Patrick was a four-year member of the Swim Team (captain senior year) and Model UN (Head Delegate both junior and senior years). He was on the Math Team and the Ultimate Frisbee Team and he is an E-rated fencer in Epee. Patrick is an AP Scholar with Distinction, a recipient of an SMSOA swimming scholarship and an SAC scholarship. Patrick will be attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute where he will study engineering in the Honors College.

    Jeff Sirocki is the son of Heather and Stephen Sirocki. Jeff was a member of the Math Team and Science Bowl Team. Jeff played tennis all four years of high school and participated in the soccer and cross country programs. Jeff served as captain of the tennis team his senior year. Jeff has received the AP Scholar Award, Most Improved Player Award, S.M.A.A. All-Academic Award, and the GATES Mathematics award. Jeff will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the fall.

    Jack Sullivan is the son of Karen and Tom Sullivan. Jack has served four years as president of the class of 2013. He attended Dirigo Boy's State as a delegate, and has also been a captain for the Cross Country Team. Jack received the Saint Michaels Book Award his junior year. He is attending Bentley University next year to study business and film production.

    Anthony Michael Verzoni is the son of Lisa and Angelo Verzoni. While at Scarborough High School, he participated in the football program as a freshman and sophomore and in the indoor and outdoor track and field programs as a junior and senior. He was also a member of the Key Club. Anthony will be attending the University of Maine in the fall. He plans to major in mechanical engineering.

    Katherine Wahrer is the daughter of Marty and Vickie Wahrer. Katie is the current president and creator of the Alzheimer’s Awareness club at Scarborough High School, and is a member of the National Honor Society, the Pink Ribbon club, ECOS, and Key club. Katie participated in four years of soccer, three years of basketball, and four years of tennis, serving as captain of the tennis team her senior year. Katie received the coaches’ award in soccer during her senior year, was named to the all-conference team in tennis during her junior year, the all-academic team in soccer during her senior year and was a member of the 2012 Class A State Championship soccer team. Katie also received a top fundraiser award for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and was selected to participate in the M.Y.L and R.Y.L.A leadership programs. She will be attending Stonehill College in Massachusetts next fall majoring in psychology.

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Scholarships and Awards

Class Officer Medals: John Sullivan, Pres, Isabella DiPhilippo, Vice Pres., Benedict Farino, Secretary, Trevor Murray, Treasurer
Maine Principals’ Association Award: Adrienne Damicis
National Merit Scholarship Program Recognition: Sierra Martin, Patrick Rogers, Austin Downing, Benedict Farino, Cynthia Kurtz, Alison Peclzar, Aaron Ravin
Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award: Emily Kyte
Boys Scouts of America-Eagle Scout Recognition: Sean Fitzgerald, Russell Garland, Tanner Sutkowski
William Charles Scarborough Kiwanis Scholarship: Emily Kyte
Edward Hurd Scarborough Kiwanis Scholarship: Adrienne Damicis
Scarborough Kiwanis 2 Year Scholarship: Brandon Ruel
New England District Key Club Secretary’s Award: Emily Kyte
Saco & Biddeford Savings Scholarship: Benedict Farino
Biddeford Savings Bank: Sydney DuEst
School Board Recognition: Katherine Elliott
Susanne M. M. Flagg Grant Scholarship: Kathleen Pride
Moody’s Collison Scholarship: Jayme Lappin
Chet Jordan Leadership Scholarship: Adrienne Damicis
Scarborough Community Chamber Scholarship: Aaron Ravin, Eric Pemberton, Jason Wade
Scarborough Rotary Scholarship: Grace Farnkoff, Meghan Lynch, Brandon Ruel
Buy Local Scarborough Scholarship: Cynthia Kurtz, Lily Lemire
Steven Delano Memorial Scholarship: Shelby Cowan, Brandon Ruel, Matthew Wyman
S.H.S. Alumni Association Scholarship: Adrienne Damicis, Scott Kostovich, Emily Kyte
Becky Hardy Philbrick Scholarship: Jake Alofs, Emily Kyte
Scarborough Education Association Scholarship: Ann Budway
Gym Dandies Circus Arts Scholarship: Sean Fitzgerald, Garrett Kelly
Harold Boyle Journalism Award: Alison Pelczar
Student Council Scholarship: Avery Pietras
Mitchell Scholar Award: Caroline Martin
Model United Nations ~ Margaret Chase Smith Award
~ George Mitchell Award

National Latin Exam Award: Alison Pelczar
The Prudential Sprit of Community Award: Katherine Elliott
Tyler/Grandmaison MELMAC Principal’s Scholarship: Emily Kyte
Gorham Savings Bank Scholarship: Alison Pelczar
Bertha Libby Lary Scholarship: Brendan Hall
Milliken Family Scholarship: Kevin Dryzga
Pederson Scholarships: Jill Keimach, Maria Philbrick
Unity Lodge Scholarship: Samuel Terry
Manufacturers Association of Maine: Noah Nygren
Maine Water Company Scholarship: Sarah Maloney
Reny’s Charitable Foundation Scholarship: Mariah DiBiase
Daniel J. Tranchemontagne Memorial Scholarship: Micheal Vogel
Scarborough Terrace Scholarship: Krysten Burns, Paige Moore-Haskell, Alison Pelczar
Fowler Family Memorial Scholarship: Samantha Nablo
Carpenter-Lewis-Coffin Scholarship: Cadence Fowler
Scarborough Student Scholarship Program: Shelby Cowan, Timothy Harmon, Kathleen Huffines, Maiti Kent
Dwight Howard Memorial Scholarship: Joseph LeBlond
Pine Point Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship: Alison Dunn, Dalton Finley
Ms. Cote’s Munchkins ~ Class of 2013 Scholarship: John Goodwin, Stephanie Ostrowski
Westbrook Regional Vocational Center Recognition
Portland Arts & Technology High School Recognition
AXA Achiever Scholarship: Sierra Martin
Academic Decathlon Recognition: Cynthia Kurtz
Jeanne L Hammond Memorial Scholarship: Alison Pelczar
Early College for ME Scholarships: Kiana Kane, Mackensey Nielsen, Antonio Martell
Class of 2013 Scholarship: Austin Downing, Danielle Gray, Kevin Manning, Noah Nygren, Katherine Wahrer
Kenneth Jordan Higgins Memorial Scholarship: Kathleen Huffines
Scarborough Garden Club Scholarship: Margaret Kirsch
College Club of Portland Scholarship: Avery Pietras
Virginia Jackson Memorial Scholarship: Patrick Rogers
Stephanie Bernath Scholarship: Sonia Diaz, Cameron Bowker, Karli-An Gilbert
Scarborough Rescue Call Company Scholarship: Brianna Haskell
Edith Warga Art Scholarship: Annabella Bergeron, Katherine Connolly, Rosie Doe
Scarborough Athletic Council Scholarships
US Figure Skating Award: Haley Rice
4 Year Letter Recipients: Jake Alofs, Austin Downing, Kevin Dryzga, Benedict Farino, Erin Giles, Jack Goodwin, Shannon Hicks, Brendan Hall, Robert Hall, Ashlyn Haskell, Alec James, Ryan Jamison, Ashlynn Jordon, Margaret Kirsch, Meghan Lynch, Kevin Manning, Sarah Martens, Jessica Meader, Samantha Nablo, Daniel Ornstein, Marisa O’Toole, Avery Pietras, Shelby Peterson, Maria Philbrick, Dillon Russon, Karsten Schelasin, Brianna Silva, Trevor Sparda, Greg Viola, John Wheeler
3 Sport/4 Year Athletes:Jake Alofs, Kevin Dryzga, Dalton Finley, Brendan Hall, Robert Hall, Sarah Martens, Jessican Meader, Merrick Madden, Samantha Nablo, Maria Philbrick, Avery Pietras, Damian Ramsdell, Gregory Viola, John Wheeler
Scarborough Ice Hockey Scholarship: Trevor Murray, Damian Ramsdell
Libby Mitchell American Legion Baseball Scholarship: Damian Ramsdell
Richard Plummer Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Martens
Scarborough Soccer Scholarship: Austin Downing, Maria Philbrick
Edward J. “Packy” McFarland Scholarship: Marisa O’Toole, Brendan Hall Sheila Geant Award Paul Babirak
Southwestern Maine Swim Officials Scholarship: Patrick Rogers
Richard P. Johnson Male & Female Athlete of the Year: John Wheeler, Maria Philbrick
Ruth & Lloyd Douglas Music Award: Samantha Harmon
John Philip Sousa Award: Jason Wade
Louis Armstrong Award: Peter Iuretig
National Choral Award Gabrielle Roche
Choral Director’s Choice Award Lillian Gardner