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Windham High School
406 Gray Road, Windham |

Graduation day: June 10, 2012
at Cumberland County Civic Center

Graduation information provided by the high school

    Top 10 Graduates

    Valedictorian - Talia McKay
    Parents: Terry and Kevin McKay
    Clubs/Activities: Class Council, Student Council, Outing Club, National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Varsity Club, Science Olympiad, Varsity Cross Country, Intern at the Wise Laboratory of Environmental and Genetic Toxicology
    Hobbies/Interests: distance running, skiing, biking, cooking, traveling across the country
    Awards Received: Scholar Athlete, Varsity Letter, Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award, American Chemical Society National Exam Participant, Windham High School Book Award: All Around Excellence, Maine Principals' Association Principal's Award, Faculty Awards: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Fiber Arts, Computer, English, Mathematics, Latin
    College: Rochester Institute of Technology
    Major: Bioinformatics

    Salutatorian - Sarah Skvorak
    Parents: Laurie and John Skvorak, Jr.
    Clubs/Activities: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Track & Field, Class Council, class officer (secretary), Varsity Club (vice president), Yearbook Club, Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society
    Hobbies/Interests: boating, spending time with family, hiking, spending time on the ocean, camping, creating pottery, volunteering, traveling
    Awards Received: Phi Beta Kappa Society, (7) Faculty Awards, Coach's Award for Field Hockey, All State Academic Team for Field Hockey, Second Team All-Conference for Field Hockey
    College: University of New England
    Major: Dental Hygiene

    First Honor Essayist - Devin Pelletier
    Parents - Aileen and Kurt Pelletier
    Clubs/Activities: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Club, National Honor Society, French Honor Society
    Hobbies/Interests: hunting, fishing, playing tennis and soccer, volunteer wrestling coach
    Awards Received: Tennis SMAA First Team All-Conference, Wrestling 3rd and 4th in Regionals, SMAA All-Academic Team for Soccer and Wrestling, University of Rochester Xerox Award
    College: United States Air Force Academy
    Major: Astronautical Engineering

    Second Honor Essayist - Margaret Kilgallon
    Parents - Walter and the late Marie Kilgallon
    Clubs/Activities: Class Council (Treasurer), National Honor Society (President), Windham High School Swim Team, Drama, Spanish Honor Society
    Hobbies/Interests: spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, movies, shopping, music
    Awards Received: Lions Club Student of the Month, February 2012, Windham High School Princeton Book Award 2011
    College: Boston College
    Major: Nursing

    Third Honor Essayist - Ashley Crocker
    Parents - Claire Olsen-Crocker and Lee Crocker
    Clubs/Activities: Varsity Swimming, Civil Rights, National Honor Society, UCC Youth Group, French Honor Society, L.E.A.F.
    Hobbies/Interests: film, cooking, writing, environmental protection, traveling, collecting playing cards, drawing
    Awards Received: Saint Michael's Book Award, Southwestern Maine Swim Officials Scholarship
    College: Emerson College
    Major: Film and Communications

    Patrick Rice
    Parents - Tammy and Jeff Rice
    Clubs/Activities: Spanish Honor Society, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Cross Country
    Hobbies/Interests: music, weight lifting
    Awards Received: All-Academic Indoor Track 2011-2012, All-Conference Triple Jump Track 2011-2012, All-Conference 300 Meter Hurdles Track 2011, Most Improved in Advanced Placement English III
    College: University of Rochester
    Major: Biomedical Engineering

    Sarah Paluso
    Parents - Cheryl and Eugene Paluso
    Clubs/Activities: Indoor Track, Spanish Honor Society, Outdoor Track, National Honor Society, Outing Club
    Hobbies/Interests: horseback riding
    Awards Received: Outstanding Achievement in Honors FST, Outstanding Achievement in Geometry, Scholar Athlete Award
    College: Gettysburg College
    Major: Biology (pre-vet)

    Meghan Cole
    Parents - Rebecca and Charles Cole
    Clubs/Activities: Yearbook, Theater, French Honor Society, National Honor Society
    Hobbies/Interests: drawing, video games, acting, prehistoric animals, reading
    Awards Received: High Honor Roll, Honor Roll
    College: University of Southern Maine
    Major: Geology, Theater

    Eric Kneeland
    Parents - Margaret and Robert Kneeland
    Clubs/Activities: Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society, Interact, Student Council, Latin Honor Society, Senior Team, Tennis
    Hobbies/Interests: tennis, traveling
    Awards Received: January 2012 Hannaford Service Star, Faculty Awards in: English, IEA, Earth Science, Latin
    College: Assumption College
    Major: Political Science

    Emma Cole
    Parents - Rebecca and Charles Cole
    Clubs/Activities: Theatre/Drama, Latin Honor Society, National Honor Society, Green Roots Club
    Hobbies/Interests: drawing, reading
    Awards Received: Perfect Attendance, High Honor Roll, Honor Roll
    College: University of Southern Maine
    Major: Biology

    2012 Scholarships American Legion Margaret Kilgallon, Devin Pelletier Annie Akers Bremon Ashley Crocker "Bob the Screenprinter" Senior Athlete of the Week Sean Cuddie, Mackenzie Cummings BusSim Danielle Jordan, Kaitlin Rich Alva M. Clough Scholarship Samuel Brockelbank, Jeremy Peavey Collins-Day Scholarship Jacob Desjardins Peter Connolly Scholarship Patrick Rice Crane Special Recognition Logan Babb, T.D. O'Brien Donald Gordon Memorial Scholarship Evelyn Gross Robert J. Donnelly, Sr. Leadership Award Brianna Butts, Matthew McLean Duane Clark Memorial Scholarship Lindsey Bicknell Early College For Me Adrienne Estes, Lynsey Munroe, Nathan Reed, Abigail Stoddard, Kevin Sutton Carleton E. Edwards Scholarship Asa Brum, Alan Wardwell Good Citizenship Award Caleb Moore Gorham Savings Bank Margaret Kilgallon Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of New York Education Assistance Program Elaine Miller Hancock Lumber Samuel Blauvelt Horsepower Autocare Curtis Merrill Helen Towle Award Meghan Gribbin John Moffitt Scholarship Corey Schweitzer Johnna Bell Memorial Daniel Sepulveda Kiwanis Leadership Prize Ian Dixon, Marissa Michaud Kiwanis Scholarship Samuel Blauvelt Lawrence Manchester Memorial Emily Audet, Kyle Deschenes Latin Honor Society Marissa Johnson Leslie Langley Memorial Allison Verdini Mainely Character Michelle Kus Marion Hodgdon Scholarship Andrew Martin Mechanics Savings Bank Ian Dixon, Stephen Hoeprich, Michael Matassa MELMAC Erin Wright-Little Mel Winslow Service Scholarship Casey Hutchinson Mitchell Scholarship Casey Hutchinson National Honor Society Erin Wright-Little Paul Folan Memorial Scholarship Timothy Bushika Raymond PTO Academic and Community Service Tyler Nadeau, Jeremy Peavey Raymond PTO Julie Orsini Scholarship Parker Gendron Raymond Fire Rescue Scholarship Jeremy Peavey Richard Nickerson Scholarship Georgia Noonan Clyde Seavey Award Devin Pelletier Semper Fidelis J. Alexander Gilvey, Adrienne Estes Scholastic Excellence Jevaughn Gibbs, Riley Dow Zach Smith Memorial Music Scholarship Georgia Noonan Southwestern Maine Swim Officials Association Ashley Crocker, Mckayla Eskilson Spanish Honor Society Eric Kneeland Spirit of Athletics Award James Blanchard Student Services Courage & Resiliency Selam Runyon-Baruch Susan Parker Memorial Sarah Nickerson Unity Lodge Riley Dow University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation Cory Schweitzer Varsity Club Eagle Award Clay Bolduc, Talia McKay Walter Johnson Memorial Bradley Palmer Westbrook Senior Citizen College Assistance Program Mary Emerson Windham Raymond Athletic Boosters Yesenia Aguilar, J. Alexander Gilvey, Jeremy Peavey, Sarah Skvorak WHS Student Council Talia McKay, Evelyn Gross WHS Yearbook Meghan Cole, Gina Barisano, Mackenzie Cummings, Marissa Michaud, Thomas Truscott, Jr., Sarah Skvorak, Clare Valente Windham Administrators Megan Fortier, Meghan Gribbin Windham Alumni Devin Pesce Windham Alumni/Pleasant River Grange Ida Beckwith Windham Bus Drivers Chelsea Parker, Russell Poland Windham Crossroads Garden Club Stefanie Burchill Windham Democratic Party Stephen Hoeprich Windham PTA Melanie Delcourt, Thomas Mahoney, Tyler Nadeau Windham-Raymond Performing Arts Alliance Meghan Cole, Alan Wardwell Windham Rescue Caleb Moore, Sara Richards Windham-Gorham Rod & Gun Club Meghan Cole Windham Staff Scholarship Brianna Butts Winslow Holbrook Merritt American Legion Auxiliary Allison Verdini George E. Wood Scholarship Tyler Nadeau

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