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9:41 AM

Nova Scotia residents cheer arrival, and potential, of ferry to Portland Several photos included in this story

The town of Yarmouth gets its first glimpse of the Nova Star, which restores a vital economic link to the American mainland.

Yesterday at 11:32 PM

Maine agency to reassess $25 million bond for Thermogen startup

Because the company plans a significant change in its biomass fuel project, a new vote will be taken.

12:45 AM

Is landmark Portland whale mural endangered?

A fading but well-liked fixture on the Maine State Pier since 1993, the so-called Whaling Wall stands in the way of a new commercial venture.

1:00 AM

Maine gun store may be shut for refusing to let ATF copy records

Phil Chabot of Pac N Arms in Sanford is suspected of illegal sales, but he has not been charged and believes he has been unfairly targeted.

Yesterday at 11:20 PM

Court upholds EPA power-plant emission standards

The case has potential air-quality ramifications for Maine, which has been described as the ‘tailpipe’ of the nation.

1:00 AM


Gas prices check inflation / Key stock indexes show modest gains / Homebuilder confidence stays low / Coca-Cola's global sales fall in first quarter

1:00 AM

European Union lawmakers enact new financial rules

They create a European authority with the power to restructure failing banks and also protect deposits.

1:00 AM

Google says it may extend sale of Google Glass

The wearable device costs $1,500.

Yesterday at 7:25 PM

Yellen: Mega-banks might need to hold more capital

The Fed chief says that current rules on how much capital banks must hold to protect against losses don’t address all threats.

Yesterday at 12:33 AM

Europe wants its cheese names back, and some Mainers agree Several photos included in this story

The EU says Parmesan, Gorgonzola and others are special to certain regions, and some Maine cheese-makers support the idea.

April 14

Netflix’s Comcast deal boosts video speed

The improvement could figure into the debate over whether regulators should try to ensure that all online content providers are treated equally by Internet service providers.

Yesterday at 12:06 AM

Investment firm buys Maine resort The Cliff House

The Ohio buyer, who joined with two Maine-based hoteliers, plans to renovate the historic resort after the 2015 season.

April 14

GM engineer hit roadblocks in ignition switch probe

Uncooperative colleagues, inaccurate data and a rotating cast of managers stymied his investigation.

Yesterday at 12:01 AM

House also rejects LePage’s 'Open for Business' zones

The governor’s proposal to offer businesses tax breaks and ‘right-to-work’ zones had earlier been rejected by the Senate.

Yesterday at 12:01 AM

April 15 not much of a deadline for most taxpayers

There’s no penalty for not filing on time if we’re owed a refund. On the other hand, there’s no advantage, either.

Yesterday at 12:01 AM

Stocks recover some ground on retail sales gain

The market gets a boost on solid earnings from Citigroup and a pickup in retail sales last month.