As I read Edgar Allen Beem’s column of Nov. 7, I found myself both irritated and disappointed. While I was bothered by the “where is he going with this?” style ranting about early voting, my real problem with Mr. Beem’s piece is when he goes on to call “undecided” voters “ignorant” and “uninformed” for not having chosen between Obama and Romney. How “ignorant or uninformed” is Mr. Beem that he doesn’t realize there were quite a few more choices than “Obama or Romney” to be made?

Mr. Beem makes a sound point, however, when he writes that “the differences between (Obama and Romney) are not subtle.” In fact, besides their stances on a few talking-point issues, their differences are non-existent. Like Jim Lehrer, many of us found ourselves asking, “is there a difference between the two of you?” Is there any surprise that a number of people remained “undecided?” Mr. Beem gets one thing right: “the fate of this nation is now decided by nincompoops.” The “nincompoops” who we repeatedly send to Washington to fail to represent us, and the “nincompoops” like Mr. Beem who continue to proudly sound the battle cry of their chosen party as they charge over the cliff, dragging the entire country with them.

Jordan Ossie