Last Sunday, I was excited to be a part of the Democratic caucus. I had carefully read the FAQs on the website. I had tried to register at Scarborough’s town hall the week before, but I was told that if I was a registered Democrat in the town (I am) that I would have no problem participating in the caucus.

I knew that caucusing began at 1 p.m. When I arrived the parking lot was full (yay!), so after much searching I found a spot and arrived at the Scarborough High School doors at 1:03 p.m. There, I was shamefully turned away, along with many other voters, by a man who informed us that “the doors closed at 1:00.” What an unbelievable travesty of justice!

Nowhere on was there any information stating that the start time of the Democratic caucus was also when they close the doors! Nor was I informed of this when I tried to register at the town hall, and there is no information about the caucuses on the Scarborough town website.

Where is a responsible voter expected to get such crucial information?

Thanks,, for aptly suppressing not only my vote, but also the votes of many other uninformed Democrats who were turned away from the Sunday caucuses.

Mallory Hattie


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