Having attended my senior granddaughter’s final one-act play performance in the Maine Drama Festival, I felt compelled to commend this incredible program. (The state finals are still ahead.)

I have been to many kinds of competitions at the high school and college level. This is the only place I have ever seen such genuine enthusiastic support and encouragement for the other competitors.

As the Freeport team set up for the performance (they must do this in five minutes), the rest of the competitors cheered, sang and actually danced in the aisles urging the Freeport team on. This is hundreds of students and audience attendees. How many of us have ever experienced this kind of support?

I want to commend the group of professionals and volunteers who make this program happen. It encourages excellence in creative artistic work – but even more astoundingly, it encourages positive, cooperative teamwork. How they accomplish this is a great secret that should be shared with the rest of us.

Thank you for an amazing experience for my granddaughter and for the huge number of students who participate in this program. Check out the upcoming state finals if you can. It is wonderful.

Valerie Razsa


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