Meredith Goad’s Aug. 9 article on the return and renaissance of Jewish food to the Portland food scene was a winner!

Her descriptions of the wonderful chefs and bakers who are reviving and renewing a culinary heritage makes me want to try them all. She make some historical reference to what once what was, but she is in all probability too young to know about the long, rich history of the Jewish community in Maine.

At one time, Portland was called “the Jerusalem of the North” because there was such a large and active Jewish population here. It was centered in the Munjoy Hill area, along with many other immigrant groups. There was a strip on Middle Street with thriving kosher grocery shops, butchers and bakers. And there were other centers of Jewish life in other towns, cities, farms and woodlands in Maine.

All of this history, and more, will be evident when the Maine State Museum in Augusta, adjacent to the State House, mounts an exhibit next year documenting the 200-year presence of this vibrant group of Mainers.

The dynamic and colorful presentation will integrate original artifacts, video and audio elements, unique art installations and interactive experiences. And, maybe, if we’re lucky, some samples of Jewish food will be offered to museum visitors.

Elaine Kahaner

Old Orchard Beach