As a small-business person in Kennebunkport, I know firsthand how important tax reform is for Maine families and businesses, especially small businesses. That’s why I applaud Sen. Susan Collins for voting in support of the tax reform bill that passed in the U.S. Senate – a vote that I am thankful for as a small-business owner.

You may not know that most of the hotel industry is made up of small businesses, not large chains. Nationally, three out of every five hotels operating are a small business. Here in Maine, the hotel and hospitality industry is a driver of the local economy, providing more than 53,000 jobs and generating $3.6 billion in sales each year. Nationwide, hotels big and small support more than 8 million jobs.

This tax reform bill helps level the playing field for small businesses, not only in the hotel industry, but across the economy. With a lower tax burden, small businesses in all industries can continue to grow, creating more jobs and contributing to the economy.

I’m grateful that Maine has a strong voice in Sen. Susan Collins representing us in Washington. No bill is perfect, but Sen. Collins has worked to shape tax reform legislation to ensure the best possible outcome for Maine families and small-business owners. I’m proud of her leadership, and I hope to see the final tax reform package move forward.

Jean Ginn Marvin

innkeeper, Nonantum Resort


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