Re: “Short-term rentals surge, but registrations lag in Portland” (Dec. 4):

Although Portland has taken some limited steps that are intended, in some way, to deal with the problem of short-term rentals through companies like Airbnb, these rentals are causing a growing crisis in the city.

Given the choice of renting an apartment for $1,200 a month under a yearlong lease, or renting it for $200 a day through Airbnb, an increasing number of building owners have opted for the latter. Friends of mine recently found themselves out of an apartment when their building was “converted” for short-term rentals. I have no doubt that this is happening all over the city.

And, as the number of units available for long-term rentals drop, the higher our already-high rents will be driven. For a young Portland resident already stretched by high rental costs, we may well see an exodus of the very young people that Portland has been trying to attract. There simply aren’t that many jobs in Portland that can support the ever-increasing costs of rentals in the city. Short-term rentals will only make it worse.

Portland’s yearly fee of $100 for short-term rentals simply doesn’t help. In fact, it’s silly.

Erin Bertoni


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