General Dynamics (the parent company of Bath Iron Works) is obscenely profitable. They are again asking for $60 million in tax rebates over 20 years. This particularly corrupt form of corporate welfare includes details that many Maine state politicians seem insistent on ignoring.

You should be opposed to L.D. 1781 if you are:

Opposed to Citizens United, concerned about climate change and fearful of the military-industrial complex and recent tax “reform.”

Sickened by the will of the people being ignored and the lack of health care and other services for the most vulnerable.

 Concerned with the continued decline of our outdated and dangerous infrastructure and the lack of progressive policies and mechanisms for a truly sustainable society

Heartened by the prominence of many unity gatherings and efforts related to immigration and race, the environment, women’s and other gender issues, etc., including successful legal wins (Aegis 9, Moral Movement Maine).

If you are a supporter of any of the allegedly liberal organizations in the state, you should be insisting that they take action for and with you in opposition to L.D. 1781.

Please contact your state legislators and insist that they oppose L.D. 1781. Be sure to stand with the many justice protectors across the state who are holding vigils and protests, showing up at the State House and speaking truth to power.

Do we have an opportunity for true unity, insistence on genuine representative government and an inclusive democracy, and a reversal of the clear movement toward an oligarchy?


Please join us in opposition to L.D. 1781.

Bob Klotz

South Portland

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