WATERBORO – Here near the town center, on Main Street three-quarters of a mile at most past the Hannaford store, is a site that is prime for development, whether business or residential.

These 87.65 acres, of which some 15 to 20 are cleared, was for decades the home of the Shakerland Driving Range. “Shaker” as in Shaker Pond, Shaker Pond Ice Cream, etc., is a very familiar name in the area, especially in neighboring Alfred. There, “Maine’s Shaker roots began … around 1793,” as we learn at alfredshakermuseum.com.

A family business, Shakerland operated here quite successfully for the past four decades; 2017 was the business’s swan song. Now, the owners of the golf driving range are well into retirement age, and they have chosen to put the property on the market, explained John Downing of Downing Real Estate Agency in Kennebunk. Downing has the tract listed for sale, at $410,000.

There is presently more than land here. The two outbuildings are a fairly large garden-type shed; and a clubhouse for driving-range patrons. The latter building is two-level, and has walkup, skylit storage space on the upper floor. On the open-concept main level, the building is essentially a welcome center, with a counter, a wood stove, a half-bath, and a separate workshop room. Of course, the golf range could readily be re-opened by a new owner.

The huge, completely level lot offers a number of advantages to an investor who envisions a business use or uses, in this growing town. Perhaps foremost among them is the central, heavily trafficked and high visible location, on U.S. Route 202 heading toward East Waterboro. A residential development, on the other hand, would enjoy the same benefit of convenience; but on such a large parcel, could be set a good distance back from the road, and also be well-screened.

For more information on 385 Main St., Waterboro, please contact John Downing at 985-3328 or at [email protected].