How long in real estate

I’ve just starting my 21st year in the industry (after almost nine years in the U.S. Coast Guard). It was the homes that got me into real estate. Not just the designs, but also thinking about the way a family would use a particular house, how it would work with the kids.

That approach is helpful for guiding buyers and sellers. Everybody has a “wants” list and a “needs” list. We sit down and prioritize, and then I concentrate on trying to get the best of both for people.

Local focus

I’m based in York County, but my focus is very much my home of Waterboro, and Lake Arrowhead – a lot of waterfront. I want to work where I live. Local knowledge, the more local the better, is essential. I’ve sold the same house four times. In a couple of cases, I’ve sold first homes to young people whose parents and grandparents I also sold houses to.

Everything relates to working with and in a community. If I’m active in support of the Lake Arrowhead association, or helping with a fund-raiser to fight milfoil, that’s not “networking.” It’s just part of living.

Buyers and sellers

I’ve generally had more listings than buyers. But I’ve always got time for people who want to go out and house-shop. To explore this area, and see what it’s all about.

The market

It’s a great market for sellers, and a challenging one for buyers. But that doesn’t mean good houses are unattainable. Buyers should work with an experienced, local agent who knows, yes, what houses are out there, but more than that, what loans are available, and what is required for each. That financial expertise is very important.


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