As a woman of color, I am scared by Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. There are so many health disparities for people of color already. The thought of losing access to health care is terrifying.

My son was 1½ when we realized something was different about him. He fractured half of my face during a meltdown. He couldn’t eat because of oral sensory issues, and had to have therapy. He didn’t start eating regular food until he was 5½ years old.

I don’t know what I would have done without the many therapies and doctors that MaineCare provides. I never thought I would be able to actually speak to my son or have him speak to me. At the age of 6, after five years of speech therapy, my son finally began to speak and had growing receptive speech skills. MaineCare gave us the ability to tell our son we love him and for him to tell us that he loves us. Because of the services he was able to access, he is catching up with his peers.

I’m taken aback as to why Sen. Susan Collins would entertain supporting Kavanaugh as our Supreme Court justice. My son is a pre-existing condition. He needs health care to stay healthy and meet his needs.

My son, and many others, deserve access to services, providers and care, no matter their diagnosis. That’s dignity, and I don’t want anyone to take away dignity from my son. A vote for Kavanuagh would be a vote that would secure the oppression of marginalized people and take away hope, dignity and power from so many.

Samarilee Daniels


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