I was watching television the other night when a preview came on for a new 10-week show called “The Purge.” My daughter told me that they also have a movie called “The Purge.”

All I could think was: “What has happened to us?” We complain about all the needless killings and riots that have been happening around the United States, and then movies and TV shows like this are produced for people to watch!

We started with TV in a stand with a screen the size of a fish bowl where we watched comedy with no swearing allowed. On TV, married people slept in separate beds. There were no nude scenes, and no showing of bodies that had been murdered, disfigured or mutilated.

We have allowed all this to change. Shouldn’t there be some kind of structure in place that puts a stop to showing movies or TV shows when they have gone too far? The way this country is going, what will happen if we allow movies and TV shows like this to be shown? Where will it end?

We do not need to show people many ways of killing other people. There are laws against child pornography. I think there should also be a law where you cannot show something like “The Purge.” Who knows how it will affect people?

Joan Morton


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