Sen. Angus King commented that President Trump’s mocking of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on Oct. 2 made him “sick.” That is how a normal human being should feel after watching the pathetic display by the president at yet another rally where he chose to incite a crowd with hurtful and caustic rhetoric.

Yet again Trump’s comments mirror the comments we have heard for the past eight years from the Blaine House, followed, oftentimes, by silence from most in the Maine Republican Party.

Sen. Susan Collins’ inability to boldly lead against Trump’s continued pattern of harassment against women is an embarrassment to those who have voted for her in the past to be a leader standing up for women across the state and the U.S.

The reality is the Republicans have sold out and are attempting to ride a wave of hate into the midterms. As voters, we should be mindful of Republican candidates who claim to be moderate and willing to reach across the aisle. Those same “moderates” are the ones cheering on Donald Trump Jr. at events, inviting vitriolic radio host Howie Carr to speak at their conventions and refusing to stand up against the hateful language used by Trump and Gov. LePage.

The Republican Party is promoting hate. Let’s show them that hate has no place in Maine.

Maryann Carroll