Currently, 15,000 troops who identify as members of the trans community serve in our military and protect our freedoms. Trans troops have given their lives or have come home from war with arms or legs blown off.

In 2007, I met such a person. This military veteran from the trans community had lost a leg fighting in Vietnam. Her story was a combination of proud service to her country and hatred, fear and discrimination dumped on her by various people during her life; discrimination from those who did not take the time to listen to her story, and support and empathy from those who got to know her.

The current order by our fascist-style president to prevent U.S. citizens from our trans community from serving our country comes out of Donald Trump’s ignorance and pressure from the Christian Immoral Minority. Trump has little knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community in general and trans folks specifically. Trump is appeasing Christians for votes. Based on his immoral, perhaps treasonous behaviors, he certainly appears to care little about Christian values.

The Christian Immoral Minority uses the Bible that nationalist-focused Christians have had for 2,000 years to justify taking away human rights from patriotic veterans. Nationalism is a means to take away rights. Patriotism is a means to protect rights. I choose the latter – what about you?

If you choose the latter, strongly encourage your representatives in Washington to remove Trump, who is not a patriot, unlike trans troops, who put their lives on the line daily. We must protect all our troops who fight and die to protect our freedoms, not a president who is determined to take away freedoms.

Timothy Rogers


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