Sometime in the not-too-distant future:

“Gee, honey, aren’t you glad we decided to vacation in Maine? I know I am. Best part is we can zip back toward home from Calais on this new East-West Highway they’ve just built – and I’ve heard there’s lots to do along the way! Where the highway intersects Route 201 in the West Forks, there’s the brand-new Durgin Hill Plaza. There’s motels and restaurants – and a shopping mall, too!

“Plus, just up Route 201, there’s a huge new power line where we can get on a shuttle bus and tour views of all the windmills. It says right here that from the top of Kibby Mountain you can see 12 other wind farms, scattered throughout the western Maine mountains and into Canada. And, at night there’s flashing red lights everywhere! How romantic! Maine has so much to offer!”

Don’t laugh. If Janet Mills and her gang of “giveaways” have their way, this could happen.

Let’s not let big business think that Maine is just a pushover and will bow down for a few bucks while they line their pockets.

By the way: By chopping down all the trees that will have to be cut for this Central Maine Power corridor project and future wind farms, wouldn’t we eliminate a lot of our best carbon emission scrubbers? Has anyone done a study on how many thousands of gallons of diesel fuel get burned up on projects the size of these? Green energy, huh!

Actually, if these types of big projects continue to happen here, Maine will become a very green state – because no one will want to come vacation in this industrialized mess!

Let’s say “no” to big business and let Maine’s natural resources be our best asset.

Jim Jones

East Boothbay