Gov. Mills is wrong to support New England Clean Energy Connect.

This transmission line will negatively impact Mainers of every stripe, from the wide-ranging impacts of destroying one of the last contiguous forests in the eastern U.S., to the negative impact this project will have on our vital tourism industry.

If we turn our Maine woods into urban New Jersey, why would anyone continue to visit our state?

This project will harm vital habitats that are important to hunters and other sportsmen as well as to those who simply want to catch a glimpse of Maine’s wildlife.

Not to mention that this project would not reduce carbon emissions and would pose a threat to local clean-energy projects that would actually provide long-lasting jobs to Mainers and not serve the profit margins of a corrupt, foreign-owned utility company that’s currently being sued for fraud.

I would encourage everyone who cares about the future of our Maine woods to contact the Department of Environmental Protection, the Public Utilities Commission, the Land Use Planning Commission, Gov. Mills and their state legislators and stand against backroom deals that don’t serve our interests.

Daniel Jepson

South Berwick