How long in the industry

It’s been just about 42 years. I owned and operated an ERA franchise in Calais, where I’m from, for a number of years, before coming to Portland, where I worked for a couple of agencies. I started Assist 2 Sell in 1998, so we are in our 21st year. Assist 2 Sell is nationwide. We were No. 53 overall, but the first franchise in Maine.

Several years ago we moved to our present location, the Old Richardson Place in Gorham (510 Main St.). It’s an historic farmhouse, built in 1808.

Buyers and Sellers

We work with both, all around southern Maine, as in anywhere south of Augusta. Our listings run the gamut, from “modest” homes to high-end. We just listed a beautiful home on the water in Freeport for $1,295,000.

The unusual thing about the real estate industry in the U.S. is, the more the home costs, the more it costs the owner to sell the home, because of percentage commissions. That is not what we do.

The Assist 2 Sell approach

The easiest way to explain our method is to break it into five parts.

First: We are a flat-fee listing service. Second, that fee is $3,250, regardless of the price your home is listed for. It’s the same for a $295,000 ranch, or the Freeport house I mentioned.

No. 3, we are a full-service agency, professionals who give every client our full attention, and provide all the industry essentials that clients expect. We are constantly monitoring the market and staying on top of technology.

No. 4, all fees are due at closing. And the seller chooses the amount to be paid to the buyer’s agent.

Finally, we financially help buyers with closing costs.

The key to everything we do is saving money for our clients. And that’s what we’ve been doing for all these years.

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