We have had the fewest birds at our feeders this fall in 15 years here. On Nov. 1 we still had a beautiful monarch butterfly flying around our yard. Monarchs usually arrive in Mexico from Maine around this time. This monarch should have departed weeks ago. It got fooled by the warm temperatures. It will freeze to death if it does not starve to death before it gets to Mexico.

Earlier that same day we were in the midst of an extreme storm. At 2 o’clock in the morning it was 62 degrees – 25 degrees above normal. They say there are only five more good lobster years in Maine. The fires in California.

This is a climate crisis. Please support the clean energy line from Quebec that will replace huge amounts of dirty fracked gas with clean, green hydropower. This project, the New England Clean Energy Connect, is the biggest contribution Maine can make right now to slow planet warming. Any downsides pale compared with the enormous benefits. Multiply renewable, non-fossil fuel energy projects like NECEC across the world and we can slow the warming.

Al Howlett