Having kids and grandkids makes me look very closely at the impact of current storms, warming up of the oceans, melting of the ice in Greenland and other places. What kind of a world am I leaving behind for them? Increased electricity outages, out of control wildfires, loss of life due to increased hurricanes and tornadoes, increased insurance premiums to cover the cost?

With pleasure, I am watching the big changes Gov. Mills and this Legislature are making to combat the climate crisis.

Embracing energy-efficiency and renewable-energy measures is the latest executive order by Gov Mills. Transitioning to a cleaner energy system by expanding access to solar panels, starting with the Blaine House. By Earth Day 2020 a ban on single-use plastic bags; by January 2021 a ban on the use of single-use Styrofoam food containers.

We all carry responsibility toward this common goal, reducing the impact on our environment with our current lifestyle. Our children and grandchildren depend on this.

In Brunswick, elementary-aged children and Bowdoin College students joined together to demand action on our climate crisis. We adults need to join them.

It is not just Gov. Mills and our state and local government who are responsible to try to keep our planet alive for the next generations. Work starts at home, start small. It is you and I who need to continue to support Gov. Mills in keeping our state livable and work on reversing our climate crisis.

Dieuwke Zolas


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