Re: “ICE immigration operations moving to Scarborough office” (Feb. 14):

I am writing to strongly protest the arrival of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office planned to operate out of 40 Manson Libby Road in Scarborough. We do not need or want ICE in our town or, for that matter, anywhere in our country.

ICE tactics are reminiscent of Gestapo days in Germany. ICE perpetuates inhumane, disgusting practices, pulling decent people away from families and jobs.

Most non-documented immigrants are hard working people who pay taxes, pay into our medical programs and enrich our communities.

President Trump’s fear rhetoric and immigrant policies are out of control and are, in my view, barbaric. Congress needs to finally review and revise immigration polices that lead to a path for citizenship for undocumented people. Most of those people are hardworking and have been in America for many years, contributing to communities, businesses, agriculture and the tourist industry, etc.

So how can we get rid of ICE, and how can we keep ICE out of our communities? Vote Trump out of office in November!

Nina T. McKee


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